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Welcome to Homestead Health...

Big news coming soon...

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Organic Turmeric & Black Pepper Capsules...

Our very first product, and still our number one bestseller!

For chronic pain, arthritis, fatigue and many other conditions... Our Turmeric

is completely organic, with a dash of black pepper to aid with absorption, the

results speak for themselves.

Super-size Capsules now shipped to your door FREE!

Click the image below to be re-directed to our webstore for purchase.


What's happening with our webstore?...

While certain items become increasingly difficult to source, we are making the transition to the use of our own organically grown herbs for use in our even broader range of herbal capsules. 

Demand on our seed stock is also increasing.

As such, all products aside from our Super Size Gold capsules will now be categorised as "special order", and subject to availability. 

Please email us at for any enquiries or special requests.

We've got some big news coming really soon!

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In the Nursery

Not a day goes by that we're not planting new varieties, or maintaining seedlings for the summer. When you grow your own food, you know what's in it, and you can avoid all the hidden nasties in store bought items, save money too! Although it can take a few years for some of our plants to mature to the point they are ready to be sold, we continue to lovingly tend to them daily. We're not re-sellers, so you know that anything we stock, we also grew, guaranteeing one of the tiniest carbon footprints of any nursery in WA. We use recycled pots and, organic practices and rainwater irrigation... all natural, all chemical free!

Organic Herbs & Capsules

Herbs are the centre of what we do. Our range of Organic Herbal Capsules cover many conditions and aspects of your health. For those who prefer to drink a cup of tea or blend powders into a smoothie, we have whole dried herbs and powders to suit.

Organic Heirloom Seeds

Homestead Health have sourced (and continue to source) Organic seeds, then grow our own chemical free, rainwater irrigated produce and save the resulting seeds for the following year. So purchasing our seeds means you are getting a local product acclimatised to our conditions, grown naturally, dried naturally, from our most recent harvest. All grown under organic conditions with rainwater irrigation. 

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