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We’ve had a lot of mixed results with our tomato growing over the years. Below is the picture of our tomatoes in early 2015. It was an incredible season with an abundance of beautiful fruit! Last year we decided to make the most of the incredible greenhouse Paul built. We got our seedlings ready nice and early and had them in the garden ready to go by mid September. We were incredibly proud of our efforts and efficiency. Unfortunately the tomatoes had other ideas... the cool weather stunted their growth and as a result they struggled right through the season. We’ve learned a lot in four years, and are still learning now.

Trial and error is all part and parcel of growing one’s own food, and every part of this vast country will be different. But there are some constants that you can put into practice that will give you a really good foundation for preparing your garden bed, and giving each vegetable the care it needs to thrive. I’d like to thank my friend Reg Blackmore for allowing me to share this information with you all. His many years of experience, and ability to clearly communicate his knowledge has resulted in this amazing webpage. Please have a look. Whether you’re a new kid on the block, or an old hand, I have no doubt you will find his information invaluable in your journey ��

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