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Since we've returned to the Homestead from Kookynie, Paul and I have been going great guns on sorting our seeds, preparing the garden beds for this season's crops, and focusing on tweaking the way we do things to ensure optimum results. As I've always said, everything we do at Homestead Health is about working out what we need to make our own lives the way we want it to be, then making it available to you. Obviously we need an income to survive, who doesn't, but there's so much more to it... and it's often the things people don't want to hear.

I'm sure we're not the only ones with our eyes wide enough open to see that there are alot of people in this world getting to the point where they're struggling. There are severe weather events taking place globally, with incredible amounts of people being killed, losing their homes and becoming displaced. Economies are crashing in so many countries, food then becomes scarce or too expensive and civil unrest results. We are living in the new world of globalism, and if you think that we are this protected island continent that's so far removed from all the problems, you haven't been looking closely enough.

Just this week on the news, there's talk about record high fuel prices at the bowser despite low "per barrel" prices. Electricity prices have increased to the point where some elderly people simply couldn't afford to heat their homes through the winter, and will probably not be able to cool them this summer either. The price of butter was $4 for 500g this time last year at our local Coles, if I try to purchase the very same brand and size today, it's a whopping $6.70, and when I made a complaint to Coles they blamed a "global butter shortage"... what a load of horse droppings! Perhaps it has more to do with the dollar a litre milk that forced so many dairy farmers to go bankrupt that we no longer have access to enough milk to make it... put simply, it was the destruction of the local market, and farming in general to force a more global market where we can be more easily controlled.

I'm not really fond of being dependent on "the system". Many of you will know that I spent a good 8 years on the disability pension. Every time the Government did a "cull" of the people on Centrelink benefits, I was in a major panic! I was a slave to the system, I had to jump through their little hoops, visit their doctors who did me not an ounce of good, take their medications which made me even sicker, and fit into their perception of what "sick" looked like to survive. Eventually I was victim to one of their culls, and they dumped me point blank. Not because I wasn't ill, but because I no longer agreed to take all the awful medication they had me on, and spend what little money they provided seeing one specialist or another for ineffective "treatment". So, I'm just another one of the many who the "system" has failed... and I'm so glad it did because I regained my freedom, and I simply don't want to go back to that kind of trap.

So with a miriad of things out of our own hands, how do we truly escape this system that has been built around us like a prison? It's not as difficult as it would first seem, although I don't know that we can ever completely escape it until the proverbial shit completely hits the fan. Until then, no matter what we do, we still have to pay rates, we still have to pay license and registration fees to drive, and the like. But we are really just putting our heads down and taking the time to look at the issues anyone could face in the current climate, and what we can do to protect ourselves... some of these are simple, and some difficult, but we are gradually taking steps to incorporate all these things into Homestead Health, so we can benefit, and so can you. Alot of it is becoming educated, and I don't mean by attending formal educational institutions, but more by re-learning all the things people did before "the system" existed, much like what we share on our Facebook page. How to grow and preserve your own food, building things yourself, setting up off-grid solar power (even if it's just enough to run your freezer and a few lights), having access to water outside of the standard water scheme and the like.

The thing that I believe makes Homestead Health so unique in our approach is that we do everything ourselves on an absolute shoestring budget. Everything we do is attainable by someone on a low income, and incredibly easy to duplicate. I try to share something pretty much every day about the simple things we are doing so you can see that it is a lifestyle choice, and it can be fun, exciting and incredibly rewarding! We know that a time may come where we have no access to doctors or medical facilities, this is covered by our Capules and Essential Oils. Although we are currently purchasing in many of the ingredients for these, we are also in the process of growning all the herbs, flowers, etc. required to make our own if need be. If we can't afford food, or it is unavailable for some reason, we have a good stock of staples (rice, pasta etc.) and all the seeds and preserved fruit, veg, herbs and spices to keep us going for now, and to continue to build further stores into the future. We have access to off-grid power and water, although we are certainly working on expanding in this area, and we spend every day working toward greater self-sufficiency. So when you read information we provide, it's not fanciful, or wishful thinking, it's not based on theory without the benefit of practice, and it's not just to have the benefits of running a business. It's just us putting our lives on show, so that whatever we've learned, you can benefit.

Honest information is not that easy to find these days. We've never had such instant access to information in the history of the world. Everyone who has an opinion, also has the ability to put it "out there" and make themselves sound like experts, even if what they are saying is 100% false. There's no way to know until you've tried it yourself and succeeded or failed. That's why we try to show you the proof of what we are doing and keep our information and our recommendations as genuine as we possibly can. Even when it comes to current events, issues with technology, and various elite agendas, we do our research thoroughly before passing the information on. It isn't unusual for me to be crunching capsules and listening to the latest YouTube videos until the wee small hours, often around 5 hours in a day... then I sift through all of that and bring you what I believe to be really important. What you'll notice though is that lately, my focus has been mainly on food, and what's been growing in the garden; Why? Because it's planting time, and it's really important not to miss the boat! If you decide in 3 months time that you want to grow some tomatoes, it will simply be too late. More than anything, the time has come where the rubber is really hitting the road. Rent costs are increasing, fuel, electricity and food costs are increasing, our local food supply is being wiped out and replaced with toxic imports from China or the Corporate giants, and it's really important to start learning what to do and how to do it before any chance has passed.

At the end of the day, you can spend $5.90kg on tomatoes, or you can buy a packet of seeds for $5, fill up your entire garden with the most glorious tasting, colourful heirlooms and have more tomatoes than you know what to do with for the entire season. If you're in a flat or unit, no problem, go buy a flexi-tub for $3.50 at Bunnings, drill some holes in the bottom and put it on your front porch... you'll never go back to shop bought tomatoes again! Add a few herbs and some capsicum and you've got a beautiful pasta sauce you can't beat. Then all you need to buy is a tray of mince and you have a beautifully healthy meal that costs you next to nothing, and the sense of acheivement is huge! But most of all, you will be able to make a meal for yourse

lf when you may not have been able to otherwise. Then just save some of your seeds, dry them and use them for another crop the following year, because it's not just a packet of seeds, it's food for a lifetime... it's a pretty amazing deal for $5 really.

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