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In the beginning...

Homestead Health has been my personal creation from the ground up:

  • The logo
  • The colour scheme
  • The products
  • The photography
  • The labels

Everything you see has been single-handedly created by me. Below are a series of graphics highlighting my work over the years with Homestead Health. In addition, Homestead Health had a Facebook Page, also fully run by myself with a following of over 4500 people. When I had difficulties with Facebook, I deleted the page, however, I had a smaller Instagram page with lesser following with all the same content (minus the first few years). Despite content not being created with the Instagram format in mind, this historical page will give you an idea of the content I provided, and a view of my pictures in context. 


The first capsule we produced were our Gold capsules (turmeric & black pepper). They were predominantly produced for those suffering from aches and pains, and our target market was the aged population suffering with arthritis. As the range expanded, I realized that many of our clients were vision impaired and would have difficulty distinguishing one capsule from another if taking different medications. This lead me to create capsules that were distinct in colour, and named accordingly with large type on the bottle. In this manner, it was easy for them to remember, ie. take one gold, two green, etc. This was very successful and appreciated by all our clients. All photography and layout are mine. 

Essential Oils & Accessories

Homestead Health had a full range of Essential Oils, pendants and vapourisers. The graphic above are a series of my own pictures, collated to form this graphic which was utilised for promotional purposes. 


Seed packaging took two forms; budget, for those just wanting seeds for themselves with ultra-cheap postage; then there were the gift pack seeds, which took longer to make, and cost more to post, but were very popular for their intended purpose... as stylish gifts.

Here are some more images to show how we've kept in line with our branding

Bella on Instagram

With the slow closure of business with Homestead Health and a conscious separation on social media between my former business and connection with students from Endeavour and now from AHE, my new Instagram page has been born. This page has been entirely created for the layout of instagram, with a deliberate grid layout. It is new, and will likely be tweaked, but will give you a further idea of how an Instagram account can be configured. Click the image to the left to view this account.  

Fun at Endeavour

Study at Endeavour has given me further opportunity to enjoy my graphic design capabilities, giving me the opportunity to further expand on creativity and technical ability. These images are the result of a few recent assessments for botany and manufacturing. To the right, some labels for herbal pastilles, and below an infographic for Calendula officinalis


This graphic incorporates my own photos, illustrations, with each image being created individually, then compiled into an infographic format, entirely with the use of Canva. These final two images also give an indication of my ability to incorporate my creativity into a task set by an outside source. 

Thank you.

This draws our tour to a close. I hope you have enjoyed this short selection of offerings and hope you see some potential in my work so I can make a creative contribution to AHE whilst I study. Thank you once again for your time and your incredible graciousness toward me. 

Bella Marshall

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