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Herbal Articles

What does the research say? What are these capsules good for?

Turmeric & Black Pepper

(Curcuma longa & Piper nigrum)

Scientifically Confirmed: Turmeric is More Powerful and Effective Than 14 Drugs

Turmeric As Effective As Lipitor, Prozac, Aspirin, Steroids, Ibuprofen And Metformin

600 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World’s Most Important Herb.

This is What Happens to Your Liver and Brain When You Eat ½ TSP of Turmeric Every Day

Black Pepper and Turmeric – This Combination Could Save Lives

Sick of Synthetic Drugs? Turmeric Extract May Be Your Best Bet For Healing Knee Osteoarthritis

Turmeric’s ‘Smart Kill’ Properties Put Chemo & Radiation To Shame

Ideal Turmeric Dosage – How Much Turmeric Can You Take in a Day?

Garlic & Horseradish

(Allium sativum & Armoracia rusticana)

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