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Bella Marshall

Graphics assistant application

A slightly different approach...

As you are aware from my application to study at AHE, my work history is not your usual one job to another situation. I have little to no job history that I can present in the form of a resume, and have been unemployed or self-employed since 2006 when I had my accidents. As such, rather than hoping for you to take a risk on someone you don't know (despite you having already so graciously done so), I thought I would address the selection criteria in a format that will highlight my capabilities... right here on a live website. 

It would have been much easier to display my existing website for you to view, however, I decided approximately two months ago that I was going to re-work my site,  therefore have mostly closed my webstore (which may be viewed in it's limited capacity here), along with my blogs, and essential oil educational content. This is by no means to suggest I have nothing to show you. In fact, what I have done is to create specifically for this purpose, a website within a website that will display my capabilities in the following areas:

  • Ability to create and maintain cohesive branding for a variety of purposes
  • Design and maintain a website and/or social media pages with engaging, attractive and well constructed content
  • Utilise my own (or others') photography as a tool for creating marketing materials
  • Build a fully functioning website including multiple pages, hyperlinks, webstore, blogs and photo galleries 
  • Proficiently navigate online graphics programs including Canva

All work presented here for you is my own, and will be accompanied by detailed explanations as to how and why the content has been provided for your perusal. I have no formal training in the realm of graphic or web design, everything you will view has been learned through many hours of trial and error, along with a keen eye, and a love for education through visual communication. While my website is not through Wordpress, but through Vistaprint in partnership with Wix, I'm sure I'd be capable of navigating your site, which is no doubt very similar. I hope you enjoy this short journey, and see within it the potential for me to use my experience to create some wonderful work for AHE also. 

I thank you so much for your time. 

Bella Marshall

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